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Complete Lab Setup

Complete Lab Setup

All the Products You Need

SCILAB offers a full line of equipment that suits every histopathology lab. We work with you to identify you lab’s needs and develop a custom solution to meet those needs. We only offer equipment that has a track record of reliability and effectiveness in the field.

Professionally Quality Instruments

We are extremely dedicated to quality. SCILAB is not the run of the mill equipment sale company. So much more goes into SCILAB manufacturing than testing and packing an instrument. With our team of onsite technicians, we have determined over many years of manufacturing histology equipment what the best method is for remanufacturing quality instruments. Find out more about the SCILAB manufacturing Method.

A Plan you can count on

We provide a pre-installation plan, installation of equipment, and training for full lab setups. We have the experience and understanding of the equipment we sell. With our developed procedures for onsite utilities requirements to calculating the working room with the square footage of the lab in mind, we know what is involved to get your facility ready for the equipment.   We also provide the technical details to the designers, architects, or facilities management to efficiently install the equipment. Whether it is a fitting or duct work, we aim at a successful install the first time with no mistakes. We also train the operator’s of the equipment on how to operate and maintain the equipment they have received.

We protect you all the way

Our warranty is first to none in the market of quality equipment. We provide a six month to one year parts and labor warranty with every piece of equipment we sell. We cover the whole nation for our warranties and promise timely and quality repairs if needed from a qualified and experienced service technician.

Peace of mind you deserve

We provide extended service contracts to give you the peace of mind in a fast paced environment for the equipment we sell. We can help you determine the best fit of coverage for what your lab requires. We also include the necessary Preventative Maintenance to assure the longevity of the instrument if needed.

One more successful lab

Make us your first choice for quality instruments and join the thousands of satisfied customers of SCILAB. We have sold equipment to every prominent medical university in the world along with thousands of other large and small laboratories worldwide. Join us and you won’t regret it!

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