OPTI-IHC Automatic IHC Slide Stainer

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OPTI-IHC Automatic IHC Slide Stainer

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OPTI-IHC Automatic IHC Slide Stainer

OPTI-IHC Automatic IHC Slide Stainer

This Automatic IHC Stainer, offers several benefits to improve the workflow in the pathology laboratories for ensuring the pathologists only receive the consistent and high-quality slides that help ensure patients get accurate answers in a cost effective way. The procedures include Dewax, Antigen Retrieval, Blocking, Antibodies staining, DAB chromogen incubating, Hematoxylin staining. The standardization of the test method of IHC stainer is becoming more and more important with the wide use of the IHC stainer technology in the modern pathologic diagnosis because it has a bearing on the prognosis and treatment of the patient.

● Compatible system with wide range market antibody: Open source staining system, so pathologists are able to choose any antibody from any manufacturer.
● Wider range of specimens: Paraffin section, Frozen section, Punctured section, cells smear and marrow section.
● The excellent expansibility: A number of different staining protocols can be performed according to the pathologists special requirements.
● Independent heating and monitoring modules: It consists of 48 independent heating modules and 48 independent thermostats. Moreover, these 48 slides can be incubated independently to achieve special staining requirements.
● Real-time temperature monitoring: Once the main program has been set up, the instrument automatically monitors and controls the 48 independent heating modules to accurately match the incubating temperature for different steps in a real-time way.
● Advanced evaporation proof function: The optimized solvent membrane can cover staining area completely to reduce the chances of non-specific dark background staining caused by antibody master mix evaporation.
● Exceptionally low dispense: The minimum dispensing volume of reagents is 50 µl, this means significantly reducing waste.
● Teflon coated nozzle: Reagents dispensing nozzle is coated by Teflon to avoid staining contamination.
● Environmental Friendly system: The integrated waste collection system makes waste management in an environmental friendly way.

Technical specifications:   
• Capacity: 48 slides
• Number of reagent containers: 64 reagents (5 ml for each)
• Reagent titer increment: 50 µl, 75 µl, 100 µl, 150 µl, 200 µl, 250 µl  
• Heating Module: Ambient to 99 °C
• Power: 950 W
• Voltage: AC 230 V
• Frequency: 50 Hz
• Dimensions (W×D×H): 1010 x 665 x 520 mm
• Weight: 130 Kg

OPTI-IHC Automatic IHC Slide Stainer Product Specifications

Manufacturer: SCILAB
Category: Tissue Slide Stainer
Dimensions (W x D x H): 1010 x 665 x 520 mm
Weight: 130 Kg
Condition: Available
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