OPTI-DYE Automatic Tissue Slide Stainer

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OPTI-DYE Automatic Tissue Slide Stainer

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OPTI-DYE Automatic Tissue Slide Stainer

OPTI-DYE Automatic Tissue Slide Stainer

OPTI-DYE Automatic Tissue Slide Stainer is an instrument that combines the compactness of a small in line stainer to the technology of continuous loading for histology and cytology dyeing. The stainer is now equipped by new software, more powerful and easier to use. During staining, the main information is showed on the colorful LCD display so that the user can easily check the status of staining procedures at a glance.
OPTI-DYE  processing chamber is made of stainless steel for easier cleaning operations, while the external structure is painted with epoxy resin and its color has been thought to be proper to laboratory environmental.
OPTI-DYE supplied with 1 basket for 52 slides and 18 bowls and caps.
- 1 loading / parking station;
- 16 staining stations (max n.);
- 1 washing bowls with water flow.
OPTI-DYE equipped with a control unit which allows automatically staining according to standard or particular protocols.
OPTI-DYE staining protocols and reagents are stored in the control unit and specific software allows an easy use of the instrument.
In particular these following operations are managed:
- Processing time of each station: 0 – 59 min and 59 sec
- Agitation system in each station: 0 – 30 sec adjustable shaking
- Automatic handling of basket;
Baskets are lifted and moved from a station to another one through an electronic system.
- Automatic positioning of covers to reduce reagents evaporation
- Adjustable dripping times in each station: 0 – 30 sec adjustable
To prevent the reagents contamination, stops are foreseen to allow basket dripping before moving to another station
- Exhaust fan to eliminate toxic reagent vapors
- Operator/s interface with touch screen panel
- Internal fluorescent lamp to check reagent levels on each station

Technical specifications:
• Power: 500 W
• Voltage: AC 230 V
• Frequency: 50 Hz
• Operating temperature range: from + 5 °C to + 40 °C
• Maximal humidity percentage: max 80%
• Dimensions: 1170 x 450 x 4070 mm (L x W x D)
• Weight: 88 Kg

OPTI-DYE Automatic Tissue Slide Stainer Product Specifications

Manufacturer: SCILAB
Category: Tissue Slide Stainer
Dimensions (W x D x H): 1170 x 450 x 4070 mm
Weight: 88 Kg
Condition: Avaiilaleb
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