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Laboratory Research Articles and FAQ
Published, produced, or reprinted with permission

As a part of our special committment to providing you with the best possible customer service, our team of laboratory specialists have created an on-line publication database to provide you with the most current and up-to-date laboratory research articles and frequently asked questions (FAQ). We feel that these articles and support information are excellent resources that pertain to laboratory innovation, safety, and general knowledge, and should be read by every laboratory technician. The articles listed below have either been written by our staff members, or reprinted with the permission of the original author(s). You may have seen some of these articles in our corporate magazine, The SCILAB’s Flyer, or in such prestigious publications as the Journal for Histotechnology.

Positive and Negative!?

In the last issue, we discussed proper selection of control tissue to evaluate the Ki67 antibody. With each passing installment of this IHC column, our goal will be to co...

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Separate But Equal

In this installment we will take a close look at the characteristics of antibodies themselves and discuss the differences between them. Over many years of troubleshooting...

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Histological Techniques

In order to study tissues with a microscope they must be preserved (fixed) and cut into sections thin enough to be translucent. The process of fixation is briefly describ...

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Tissue Processing

Tissue processing begins with fixation. The fixative of choice in most histology laboratories is 10% neutral buffered formaldehyde (NBF). That is: this solution is made b...

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