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Our Services

Services for Your Products

Our highly rated services offered at the instrument and equipment level, including corrective and preventive maintenance, training and more. SCILAB have a dedicated Technical Support team who are on hand to help with any applications advice and questions you may have about our products and how to use them. The team is made up of experienced laboratory scientists whose backgrounds in pathology.

We aim to respond to queries on the same day if at all possible. If you have any technical queries concerning any of our products you may call our dedicated Technical Support phone line or email us.

Our dedicated service staffs are on hand to help in the unlikely event that your SCILAB equipment develops a fault. Please contact us by affordable means with a clear description of the problem.

From consumables and laboratory equipment to software, scientific instruments and accessories, our product services can help you get the most out of your investment.

SCILAB strives to provide first class care and support to its customers across the world. We offer reliable and fast field service. Service calls outside England should be directed through our local distributor. In order to process your inquiries in time, please always include the following information:
●    Contact person and address
●    Phone number and email address
●    Instrument type
●    Instrument serial number
●    Date of installation
●    Detailed case description

Our service:
●   Local, factory-trained service professionals
●   Same day service
●   Online work order management

Services also include:
●   Preventative maintenance
●   Emergency repairs
●   Full-service agreements
●   Loaner agreements
●   Factory-trained technicians
●   Same day or next day service
●   Fast response with parts in stock

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